Kristine Walczak

Senior Vice President

Kristine directs investor relations programs based on her experience in Corporate America and on Wall Street. Kristine has over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry, including retail brokerage, institutional portfolio management and investor relations. She offers her clients Wall Street insight and skillful interpretation of the investment community.

A talented writer and graphic designer in addition to her advisory skills, Kristine deftly manages investor perceptions, and aligns client's business objectives with the expectations of shareholders and the capital markets. Her focus on industrial, transportation and manufacturing companies provides her with deep industry knowledge and the right contacts on the buy- and sell-sides. In short, Kristine understands what clients need in order to increase their value, and the means to find it for them.

Kristine is an innovative and traditional public and investor relations consultant with far-reaching experience developing and supporting internal and external communications, sales initiatives and events management. She is a strong, strategic thinker with extensive experience in crisis management communications counsel. With outstanding achievements in multiple facets of communications coupled with the ability to actively manage change, she has a proven track record working with the media and analyst communities.

Previously, Kristine led her clients' investor relations strategies at the Financial Relations Board/BSMG Worldwide. Previously, she served as Senior Vice President of Aon Corporation, where she developed and monitored compliance policies and programs for the company's investment advisor and broker-dealer, and reviewed all new security products distributed by Aon subsidiaries with external legal counsel, the NASD and the SEC.

Kristine has served on the New York Stock Exchange's Content Committee for Continuing Education and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi from the University of Illinois.