Why Dresner Allen Caron

DresnerAllenCaron has been providing international investor relations and corporate communications services to micro-, small- and mid-cap companies since 1981. We have offices in New York City, Chicago and Irvine, CA, with affiliates in London, Rome and Milan.

Our professional staff has a broad range of backgrounds, formal education and streetwise experience that helps us bring a distinctive approach to the tasks of establishing an appropriate positioning strategy, then creating effective communications strategies and proactive awareness campaigns for our clients.

The most common goals of our investor relations programs are to improve awareness among target audiences - primarily institutional investors - and to improve liquidity in the trading of our clients' securities. Long-term account retention has been a hallmark of DresnerAllenCaron. Our primary sources of new clients have been referrals or recommendations from investment community influentials and previous or current clients, which we believe reflects the quality, scope and value of the services we provide.